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i don't get you, since you're a fan of Janet as you said. You still like the idea of having her daughter instead of her?

Let me tell you what I exactly think about this: As someone who thought (and conviced herself) that in the Ant-Man movie we wouldn’t see anything like Janet from the moment that they announced that Douglas was going to be Hank Pym, the whole Hope Van-Dyne gave me that: hope to see someone who at least will take the job to be a kick-ass super woman like her mother.
Of course, is not Janet, and that however hurts my soul. Yes, to the whole #JanetVancrime thing. Yes, to the fuck the whole MCU for not putting important female roles. Yes, to let’s make a riot because they’re neglecting Janet not only in the MCU but as well in Comics. But first, let’s calm down for a minute and think that they’re still working on the script.

And besides, just think about the whole Mandarin fiasco.

So yea, that’s my opinion.

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"I am not getting stabbed in the name of science."


Janet van Dyne, a founding member of the Avengers and the person who gave it its name, appears to have been erased from the MCU. Not in the roster when Avengers came out back in 2012, Jan was set for another opportunity to be a part of the team when Marvel announced Ant-Man. Unfortunately, from the announcements yesterday, Jan van Dyne was not even mentioned but someone else was: Hope van Dyne, later corrected to “Hope Pym”, Hank Pym’s daughter. 

At best, Jan will either be a mention or a cameo or an easter egg. She will not be a part of the team she founded, she will not be a superhero. She’s either been swapped out for Hope Pym, who might take up the mantle because Marvel Studios thinks women are interchangeable, or she will be an easter egg at most. 

Janet van Dyne, the heart and soul of the original Avengers and of every Avengers team she’s been on throughout the years, has been erased from the MCU.

If that seems like a fucking shitty thing for Marvel to do to you, we’re tweeting out in the #JanetVanCrime hashtag. you can join us and stand up to yet another fucking erasure of a female character. Keep an eye on the #janetvancrime tag on tumblr for panels, livestreams, and links. Please don’t stay silent about this.

You can watch the Ant-Man panel here.


someday i want someone to look at me the same way mark ruffalo looks at paul rudd



The woman who named the avengers is getting left out of the mcu

How has his relationship with Black Widow, kind of, develop? x


This week on Tumblr: no one’s at Comic Con and everything hurts.

"Tony in what looks like a wasteland … All the Avengers are lying, bruised and beaten before him."
- A snippet of the preview of Avengers: Age of Ultron shown at SDCC. (via iwantcupcakes)

Anything Thor hasn’t done yet that you want to do? Hemsworth: “Turn him into a woman.”


I found here:

The Phineas and Ferb Comic-Con panel has just wrapped. Besides showing off the Star Wars special, also teased were the Halloween special “Night of the Living Pharmacist”; “Lost in Danville”, written by “Lost” co-creator and former panel moderator Damon Lindelof, and the much-anticipated “Act Your Age”, set to air around Valentine’s Day and featuring the characters ten years from now. Courtesy, here’s a look at Ashley “KicsterAsh” Simpson’s designs for the teenage Danville crew.